Product Care

Your boots should last for years with proper care and resoling. Scroll further for leather-specific care instructions. Here are some quick care basics:

  • Store
    • Store your boots in a dry and dark place.
    • Alternate boot-wearing days to let boots properly dry out.
    • Ideally, store with tissue, newspaper, or a cedar shoe tree that does not stretch the leather.
    • All of these methods help to absorb moisture.
  • Clean
    • Brush dirt off after every wear with a horsehair brush; use a damp cloth if necessary.
  • Condition
    • Remove dirt and dust with a horsehair brush or damp cloth.
    • While boots are still damp, lightly apply conditioner over the entire boot, ideally with fingers, but you can use a brush or cloth.
    • Let conditioner dry and then buff with a horsehair brush.
    • For conditioner, we suggest our Leather Care Kit or the Bickmore’s Bick 4 conditioner, or Bickmore Exotic conditioner for ostrich and reptilian hides.
  • Polish
    • Polishing will leave the boots with a glossy finish. We suggest avoiding colored polishes since they can alter the color of your boots.
    • After your boots have dried, apply a small amount of wax-based polish to all the areas you wish to shine.
    • Let the polish dry and then brush off the boot with a soft cloth.
    • Buff with a horsehair brush to the desired level of shine.
    • For polish, we suggest the included polish in our Leather Care Kit. Lincoln wax polish (neutral) and Allen Edmonds spray shine are also great options.
  • Resole
  • It is normal to need a resole anywhere between six months to a few years depending on how often you wear your boots, and your size and gait. If you feel soft spots or see holes in the sole, we recommend heading to your local cobbler to see if a resole is necessary. This typically runs anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on the cobbler.
  • Tecovas Boot Restoration
  • You can also send your boots in for a Boot Restoration. We’ll give your boots a full resole with original Tecovas parts and give them a full detailing. They’ll arrive back to you in about four weeks with brand new soles, while still having that supple, broken-in feel.

Product-Specific Care

Different materials require different care. Here’s a quick guide:

Calfskin, Bovine, Oiled-Bovine

  • Condition every 1-2 months.
  • Clean and shine to preference.
A working man.

Calfskin, Bovine,


  • Suede should never be conditioned.
  • To remove dirt and stains, we suggest using our Suede Care Kit or a suede eraser.
A working man.


Goat & Bison

  • Condition 3-4 times per year (or as needed).
  • Wipe residue with a damp cloth, dry, and brush/buff.
  • Goat and Bison’s natural oils protect them, so they don’t need consistent conditioning. In fact, we encourage you not to over-condition them, as that could lead to ruining the finish.


  • Condition every 1-2 months.
  • Take a damp (not wet) micro-care cloth and wipe off any dirt and residue as needed. Dry and buff leather with a horsehair brush after.

Alligator, Crocodile & Lizard

  • Condition every month using our Leather Care Kit or Bickmore Exotic conditioner.


  • Condition every month. Python is a sensitive hide that can crack if too wet or too dry. It’s important to take extra care even if the boots are not being worn regularly.
  • ALWAYS condition with the grain of the scales.
  • We recommend avoiding polish. If you must, cream-based polishes are much better than oil-based.


  • Do NOT condition or polish.
  • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth or horsehair brush.



Tecovas apparel is designed to be easy to care for and maintain (except the Goat Suede Shirt—get that to a dry-cleaning leather specialist). Follow the cleaning instructions on the care tag attached to your garment. Can’t find it? is at your service.

Bags & Small Leather Goods

  • Spot clean, and take the item to a leather care professional as needed.
  • Do not use harsh solvents.

Sturdy Waxed Canvas

Waxed Canvas Bag
  • As the fabric ages, it will develop a well-worn and comfortable patina in the same manner that leather ages.
  • That said, we recommend using a dry or damp cloth to spot clean your products from the Sturdy Waxed Canvas Collection.
  • Customers can also refinish each piece over time as needed with Martexin© Original Wax. You shouldn’t need to re-wax more than once a year.
  • Avoid washing or dry cleaning these products as they will melt the wax finish.